Pyramid Youth Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes Price: $49.99 (as of 29/03/2023 20:37 PST- Details)

Unique, classic styling
Can be used by left or right handed bowlers
Easy break-in sole for perfect slide





Specification of Pyramid Youth Skull Shoes

The Early life Cranium via Pyramid bowling footwear options sliding soles on each footwear with a rubber Development heel and felt sliding soles, taking into account more uncomplicated holiday-in and extra sliding capacity than leather-based or microfiber sliding soles.

  • Can be utilized via left or Proper Passed bowlers
  • Fast-holiday-in time
  • Microfiber slide soles for constant sliding
  • Common Soles for Simple Sliding

Early life Cranium via Pyramid Youth Skull Shoes

Efficiency Development with Nice Convenience

The Pyramid Early life Cranium bowling footwear supplies high quality, Efficiency and elegance. Those Common slide sole footwear are ideal for both Proper or left Passed bowlers and be offering fortify and function.

  • Steel eyelets and heavy-responsibility sewing
  • Adjustable, comfy Higher layout
  • Padded tongue and collar

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Distinctive, vintage styling
Can be utilized via left or Proper Passed bowlers
Simple holiday-in sole for best slide
Eco-pleasant shoe bag (No Field)



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